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Mona Lisa


For as long as I can remember, I have been creative.  While I started out drawing, I then moved into ceramics and textiles, finally discovering a love for jewelry after visiting a beading studio with my mom and sister.  Not content to simply bead, I searched for a technique that would allow the creativity and uniqueness I desired. 


Kumihimo, the ancient art of Japanese braiding filled that need.  I started braiding cords, then beads, which I still do, but really found my muse in wire.  I taught myself the techniques through several books, but the one that inspired me the most was Giovanna Imperia’s book on Kumihimo wire. I worked my way through the patterns and experimented with different gauges and techniques. 

Each piece is designed and lovingly created by me.  I handcraft my clasps, ear wires and some chain.  Each braid starts with bundles of 28-36 gauge wire that are carefully woven on a round or square disk or a wooden Marudai.   I also cast my braids into resin and mica powder for a unique look. 


I really can’t imagine doing anything else artistically.  This is my passion.     

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