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“Go to” bracelet with your favorite pair of jeans! This bracelet is woven in the ancient Japanese braiding technique Kumihimo. The braid is encased in handmade copper frame that has been given an aged warm patina. Bracelet is a size 7, but clasp can be adjusted to make it smaller.


    The woven colored wire is copper wire that is enameled at the factory for a strong, durable finish. For those who have sensitivity to copper - I can apply a lacquer finish to the woven copper pieces.

    The wire on the copper frame is untreated and uncoated.  As with any natural material, copper will tarnish over time creating a lovely patina.       

    Caring for woven wire jewelry - always lightly wipe with a polishing cloth. Do not rub as you will risk breaking or pulling the weave.

    Never put the bracelet on over your hand. Always put it on at your wrist. This will keep you from over stretching or deforming the bracelet.

    The woven portions of my jewelry are delicate and should not be worn to bed. 

    With a few simple practices, your jewelry should give you many years of beauty and joy.


    My jewelry is designed and made to be worn and loved for many years.  I want you to feel like the strong, beautiful, person you are meant to be. If you are not happy with your purchase or decide it is just not something you will wear, I will happily take it back and find it another forever home. Please feel free to contact me to return or exchange your piece.  

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